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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

A Few Thoughts On GB's Online Instructionals

I think Gracie Barra has it right...

I have always been a little skeptical about the real value of Jiu-Jitsu Online Instructionals.

Can they really make a difference on student's learning? How much of what we watch on a screen can actually be applied on the mats and become a new set of skills?

I am old school as you know.

I started Jiu-Jitsu before the internet and YouTube. My only source of knowledge was Master Carlos Gracie Jr. and my training partners. That's It!

That's why I am a little skeptical to the proliferation of BJJ Online Instructionals, or have a hard time seeing real value on studying Jiu-Jitsu on YouTube.

It seems to me that less is more and on the age of information, progress will probably come from guidance instead of new sources of knowledge.


Despite my original lack of faith on learning BJJ Online, I really think GB got it right with it's recently released GB¹ Online and GB² Online Programs.

GB² Online by Victor Estima. A 16 Week Training Program designed to complement daily classes at your GB School.

The fact these amazing materials have been designed as Training Programs makes a big difference. Most importantly, GB Online has developed them to complement each one of our classes giving students the opportunity to prepare for training and review techniques after class every single week.

I have been experimenting with these online instructionals and encouraging all students who come to my GB¹ Classes to make time to study the material online before and after class. The one's who follow my advise are getting better faster, period.

With GB² also available online, we can bring this to a whole new level. Here at North Phoenix where I teach, we will be running all GB² classes according to the new program designed by prof Victor Estima starting Monday August 12th (when the GB Method resets back to Week 1).

I will be sure to make the same suggestion to all of our instructors here in Arizona. A blended learning experience that incorporates the Online Programs designed by GB Online is definitely something worth experimenting with.

GB¹ Online by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. Essential tool for beginners.

If you have not registered for GB¹ and GB² Online Programs yet, check out

They are doing an amazing job putting this stuff together to make our learning journey better.

See you on the mats soon!

- Flavio Almeida | Head Instructor

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